Friday, August 22, 2008

Odds and Ends + Blog Roll Stroll

Wow you all are up EARLY today! It is 9am and already 4 of you (I love you who ever you are!) have come by already today to check on little ol' me and my blog. Come BACK, I'm here now with something to say!

First- if you have prayer in your life would you please send some to my brother and his in-laws? They are going to have some very rough and sad days before them and could use any and all prayers and positive thoughts to get them through this time. Thank you.

So, I have fallen into the trap of having all sorts of great things rolling around in my head, but I never make the time to sit down and put them here. Remember how I started this blog because I have the WORST memory known to man? Anyone who knows me in TRW can attest to the fact that I really should have some sort of medication or exam or something cause it's getting outta control. Thank you Lord for the T-Mobile Wing that has a little alarm that reminds me of things like, oh, what time school starts and lets out. Yes, I admit it, I have forgotten the little darlings a time or two expecially on that early release day that happens once a freakin WEEK. But I've already told you my thoughts on the teachers and their days off. It also tells me about appointments and I can even put in there a little reminder alarm for when it is time to sit down and blog, or better yet, when it is time to STOP blogging go get the kids from school.

So, let me catch you up real quick like on what is going on over here.
*Miss thing is signed up for soccer.  Her first organized sport and she is all about the uniform.  I tell you she has had that thing on daily since we got it and professed herself "an official soccer player."  I didn't have the heart to tell her that I think she might have to actually touch a soccer ball with her foot first in order to be official.  I swear, if I just spent all that money on soccer, uniform, shin guards and cleats and she gets out there and hates soccer I am going to freak out!
*Buddy Boy started tackle football and he really seems to be enjoying rattling his brain around.  His first game is tomorrow and I'll have to report back as to his injuries how I feel about it.
*School Started!!!  Hallelujah!!!  Both kids got great teachers and for the first time in 7 years I don't have a sick pit in my stomach about sending Buddy Boy to school.  I have a post coming up about peanut allergies and the reality that we live with.  Even if you don't have children with food allergies, chances are VERY HIGH and getting higher that your child is or will be in class with one.  OR  God.forbid develop one themselves.

I was treated yesterday to a mani/pedi/brow shaping by my dear friend Amy.  Thanks Amy!  I love you and WOW, if any of you need a great Realtor, go check her out and make sure to tell her I sent ya, she pays out nicely treats anyone who refers her very nicely is an EXCELLENT realtor!  This site is totally 2.0 and I LOVE IT!!!  She has sold TWO of my friends' homes in the past 5 months....uh  She has a 100% success rate with people I refer to her, so there you have it!  Oh and my hands and my toes look oh so cute and that bush that was once my brows is now a darling little arch above my eye.  Come on by and check me out.  oh, but not until this afternoon when I will have dealt with that strip of white that stopped being a skunk a week ago and started being just a haggard old woman who for goodness sake would you just take care of yourself already?  Bless you gals who are local and never said anything to my face.  You can now stop whispering about how I really have aged over the summer and get back to gossiping about that hussie.or the cabins and the threat of terrorists.or who pitched a bitch to get her child moved out of a perfectly good classroom.or who is coming to bible study and who isn't.and who is in minis and who is in minors. and who is hitting on whom and should know better.  Ahhh, I feel better.

Still with me?  I have the most exciting news!  My funniest pal in the WORLD has joined us in the blogosphere.  She is clearly doing a little nesting as she is 36 weeks pregnanto and is starting a blog.  Helloooo I told you  MONTHS ago how fun it would be to start a blog and you are doing this now BECAUSE??? you have nothing better to do with your time?  How about NAP? Watch mindless TV? EAT since soon enough those brats will be taking the food out of your mouth?  Oh, you're already doing all that?  Well, ok, then WELCOME to the BLOGGERHOOD!  Go check her out, she truly is a hoot and won't it be fun to watch her go through the last weeks of her pregancy and into motherhood for the second time with a 14 month old and a newborn?  Can you say better her than me YEEHAW?

Now for the blog roll stroll for this week.  Would you all stop writing such great stuff?  I can't keep up!

  • This one cracked me up, it's a cool little trick for making more bubbles out of your bubble bath.
  • This girl Mindi is going to piss me off she's all here's a simple way to use coupons. I can't figure it out to save my soul, but I'm going to give it a try, she seems nice enough, but if it doesn't work THEN I'll be pissed!
  • I LOVE THIS SITE, it inspires me to WANT with a burning desire to be all handy and crafty, but this mud room makeover made me drool over how freakin' simple she made it seem.  Seriously, too many great things over there and I am officially her #1 jealous wanna-be fan.  If I ever do a craft inspired by her or anyone for that matter, I will be sure to alert the press!  Be sure to leave me a comment to thank me for this killer hook up into the world of "If only I were that awesomeness".
  • It's Fall, are you ready for What's Hot, What's Pop and What's too Much? me neither
  • Do you have your Home Management Notebook ready to go?  Really? No?  What are you waiting for? OK, me neither.
  • This one will take you DAYS to get through, but the links are invaluable to anyone just getting started in blogging!  Seriously, bookmark this one fo sho!
  • This one is about making money from your blog (don't we all wish)  But really, I read something yesterday that said the ads on a blog are like a tip jar.  If you read something you like, something that made you laugh, cry or think GO.AHEAD.CLICK.THE.AD.  Just like comments are the currency of the blogosphere, giving a couple clicks to the ads on a blog you have enjoyed...a nice gesture and howdoyoudo!  It's ok, I'm not looking, you can go ahead and click ;)
So, now it's 10am...that took me a long ass time!  Show me the love people and comment below!  :)


  1. Praying for your brother's family. Let me know what's going on.

  2. Miss Kelly,
    You are HILARIOUS! I love the gossiping part! Too funny my friend. Thanks for the nice compliments and the link to my site ( you are sweet ) My eyebrows feel much better and in true Amy-fashion I messed up my newly pedied toe right when I got home....figures!

  3. Shall totally go check your friends blog out.

    Your blog roll stroll is a terrific idea. Love it.

  4. See, other people read your blog. What is up with Mindy's folks? I am guessing it is her Dad. Let me know if you get a chance. Love, Your "only daily" reader. Aunt Sheri

  5. Marne Hansen-LowellAugust 23, 2008 at 8:02 AM

    i love you kelly. i grip you. you are so so funny. thanks for waking me up today with some well needed humor.

  6. OMG - it too early for me to be giggling - you're such a cutie! Thanks for the smiles, today is the first day of school for BabyAm, and the first day of her last year in HS. I'm one sad mommy this morning. I miss her already and she's not even started her first class yet!

    PS...any luck with figuring out your comment issue? :( You poor thing!