Sunday, August 24, 2008

Day 1- Tackle Football

Buddy Boy made it through his first tackle football game.  He's alive, albeit super exhausted.  So, here is an open letter to his coach:

Dear Coach,
I know now that you were just paying lip service to the "We want the kids to have fun, learn the game, and win a few games in the process.  Winning is fun, but it isn't everything." 

May I ask a question?  Is there a reason why some of the kids played THE.ENTIRE.GAME?  I know in our case it isn't because Buddy Boy has a natural talent.  {sorry BB if you read this in the future, just know I THINK you will grow into being a stellar football player, but on day one   uh, not so much}  I think he might at the hour point have been a wee, little bit dehydrated thirsty.  Would it be too much to take some of those water bottles out on the field and squirt some of the life sustaining liquid into the mouths of those dying thirsty boys? Could it be you got caught up in the "winning" part? I'll let it pass this time.

Sorry we lost the game. Far be it for me to say that it might have been because those kids were out there dizzy from playing for 2 hours with only a halftime break?

Go Giants!


P.S. I will do my best to keep your ass out of the pictures from now on.


  1. Yay football season! Did BB at least enjoy it?

  2. I feel your pain... middle bean started 8th grade football and ummm i wrote a letter via my blog to his coaches cuz I think they can pretty much suck it ;-)

    Oh and noooo I dont have a facebook...only ONE thing on the internet at a time for me LOL I am still learnin the ins and outs of blogger...oh and I sooooo hope you will be a part of the secre santa exchange it's gonna be HUGE I tell ya LOL