Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wii Fit or Wii FAT?

I have a friend who bid on three Wii Fits on Ebay...and she won all 3. So, guess who is at home the last two days on the Wii and has sore muscles today to prove it!?

I am digging the Wii Fit, but ask me again in 4 weeks when I have to face the little bugger to see if I have lost the 2 pounds I committed to.

One of the features I love is that you can pick your trainer. I decided if I am going to work out at home I'd like a hot guy to train me, so I picked the dude. After I got over his disappointingly feminine voice he asked me if I would like to view him from the front or from behind. I thought that was a little fresh for a trainer I had only just met. I figured they were trying to make him realistic, like all those hot trainers at the gym, right? I picked "behind" in hopes that he had a hot ass a lot to teach me. If he would just be quiet I could focus better on my fantasy exercising.

Here's a cute parody from YouTube, but so far so good with the Wii, my muscles haven't hurt like this in a while! Oh, and even if this thing gets horrid reviews I'm keeping mine since it says I'm not over weight and my BMI is 22%!!


  1. So the fit is worth it? We're getting a Wii- don't tell my kids! And I've been wondering if it is good daily exercise (like for when you can't go outside because of the 100+ heat!), or not?

  2. That was a great parody! I've made the same point before about kids exercising in front of the TV instead of actually playing outside.

    But I still totally want it.

    My friend got it, and she likes it. Have fun with it!

  3. Thanks for stopping by!

    I'm addicted to Wii tennis. Love it. But everyone in the office managed to master it using wrist flicks. Kind of defeats the purpose I think.

    And I'm all about eating chocolate over diet and exercise programs. Bad priorities I guess!

  4. We just got a Wii and I LOVE IT!! I tried to go to Best Buy last weekend to buy the Wii Fit and apparently people were lined up since the crack of dawn for sadly I walked away empty handed.

    Your post has reinforced my urge to FIND A WII FIT somewhere!!

  5. I LOVE our Wii Fit! I haven't been able to do much with it since I sprained my ankle a week after we got it, but I'll be back on the board again soon.

    I'm addicted to Tennis, too, and could barely move my arm after the first day!

  6. I'm going to write a post with my review after 5 days. But so far my legs are killing me from the lunges. Appartently I don't lunge much (except after chocolate or Red Bull). I'm more into it than the kids which is great because that means I get to use it!

    I would say that it is good for exercise but if you are guru fitness freak you might want to just get a membership to the gym. For me, this is perfect!