Monday, June 2, 2008

I love me some FREE-CYCLE!!!

Just wait until you see what we got from Free-Cycle this weekend!! Miss Thing is in 7th heaven!

If you are not familiar with Free-Cycle you MUST put all thoughts of being murdered while picking up your free goodies from a stranger's porch out of your mind and go check it out! I will admit, our family has never put anything on there (you know those fears of being murdered) but after this I am so getting rid of my junk gently used valuables.

Here are some guidelines:

SAFETY. Be aware! The moderators strongly feel it isn't a good idea to list your phone number or exact address in your post to the group. There are unscrupulous people out there who may "collect" information about you from your posts. (Like the fact that we have nothing but crap and broken junk to give away) Giving personal details about you or your children is also strongly advised against. (disregard this warning if you are looking to lighten your load this summer or if the kids bicker too much) It is up to each individual member of Freecycle, when arranging to exchange an item being given away, to be appropriately aware of the potential risk of having "a stranger" (read: murderer) come to your home to pick something up or to go to a stranger's (read: rapist's) home if you're the recipient. Freecycle assumes no responsibility for this risk. (You get killed, raped or ripped off, not their fault) You may want to say that you'll leave the item on the front porch while you are not home or arrange to have someone with you if there is a large item involved.

Recycling oneself (or one's shy friends) is, we're afraid, not allowed. There are many fine internet dating sites better suited to this purpose. No offering your spouse or children either. (Tough break, hot mom lover!)

Ok, enough is enough with all the rules and death defying tactics necessary to SCORE! and that we did!

A GARBAGE bag of Polly Pockets!!

As grateful as we are for these Polly's, we felt the need to give them a little

"Welcome to our home bleach bath." We noticed by their stained teeth smell that they came from a smoking (albeit generous) home.

Bleach+Stinky Pollys= hours of entertainment!** Check out advanced tip below!

Next, just to be good and SURE we add the bubble bath soak.

May I just add that dumping all the teenie Polly shoes and accessories into the water was a total amateurish move. I'm a quick study so after picking out 97 minuscule shoes out of the bottom of the sink, I got a wise idea. THIS was brilliant if I do say so myself! A spaghetti strainer, a little stir with the spoon and you are safe to go into the bubble bath side, rinse with some water and voila!

Dry (and this was only the first half!)

Then dip the cars and buildings in a bleach bath and we are almost ready to rip our hair out play with the Polly Pockets.

Last year at baseball Miss Thing left her entire collection (worth at least one year of state college tuition) of Polly Pockets at the baseball field. Never to be found again. That will be between you and GOD whomever you are Polly thief.

So, I called my mom to tell her how excited we were to get some Polly's all for free. Her comment: "Didn't those have lead paint?"

Mom, you'll be happy to know that some Magnetic Polly's were recalled, but no Polly's had lead paint. If they did I'll just duct tape socks on to Miss Thing's hands and mouth and we'll be good to go. I love me something cool and FREE!!!


  1. Score!

    I'll have to check it out... I have some, stuff that I need to get out of here.

  2. The wonderment of craigslist pales in comparison to the murderous joyride that you are describing on freecycle! I MUST check it out!

  3. Well KD, if you survive your visit to freecycle, come back and tell me about it...then I'll go. But then, this IS Maine after all, how bad could it be?

    Kelly, total score with the Pollies. Although, I do have to be honest, even being the mother of two females, one 18 and one 2, I had no clue what on earth a Polly Pocket was. Yeah, I do kinda live under a and all those horseshoe crabs!

  4. Made the mistake of subscribing to more than 3 freecycle sites. Had to whittle it down to 3.

  5. OMG! I think my vacuum is salivating!

  6. I am so frightened when we get to the stage of having to play with these types of toys. I detest all the little pieces... and the fortune each one costs. Don't comment on our Thomas collection -- my dad bought those!

    And Freecycle always has seemed like such a cool idea to me but I just haven't quite mustered up the courage to try it. Someday... someday.

    Oh, and found you via AllMediocre!

  7. some advice on Freecycle:
    1. Depending on how active your local freecycle is you might want to get yours in a daily digest instead of individual emails.

    2. I would never meet someone in person. Leave it on the porch and let me drive by and determine if you are on the up and up.

    3. Save this for the things you really want to get rid of in a hurry. Just watching the posts it really does look like things go very quickly.

    The best part? You can always unsubscribe!!