Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Conversion van, drug rehab, roofies---It's Prom Season!

You've seen the limos, the skanky swanky dresses, fake nails, tanning and children teens out for expensive dinners. Not much has changed in *ahem* more than 20 years.

I did the UNTHINKABLE...I wore my prom dress twice! My mom changed it up for year 2 and thinking back on it, I don't think I cared about that for more than a day. I have never been too into fashion. Not one single person noticed since, they were all wrapped up in their own dresses.

One of my best girl friends and I went together our Junior year (no, not as my date!) ...in a conversion van no less! Hello, sex mobile? Good news to both sets of parents...no sex, just Headless and I riding in back while the boys sat up front blaring the music. My mother was just thrilled that I was going with a boy she liked and that my boyfriend was in drug rehab at the time. At that stage my mom would have clapped her hands to see me go with a 40 year old man with tattoos, piercings, a conversion van and some roofies...to her, anything was better than my boyfriend at the time.

I can't remember where we went to dinner. I DO remember that neither Headless or myself left the after prom party with our dates.

OK, here I go with the pictures. My scanner bit the dust so cut me some slack on the pictures!

Let's start with the ultra classy invitation: (printed on copy paper)

Here is the note my prom date gave me (younger readers...it is like texting only you write in full sentences on an actual piece of paper). NOTE that he is building up to the big question by telling me he has something to ask me, but doesn't want to write it in a note.

OK are you ready to see us in all our glory? Check out my "gloves". Aren't they darling? And, I did have a hoop thing under that dress.

Here we are at our 20th reunion: Talk about HOT moms!

Go gather your photos and head over to Mommy's Martini for more laughs and prom memories than you can handle!


  1. I believe I need to see just how you fixed up that dress to wear again. I kid, it was in fashion back then, I know, I have equally lovely photos with way more lace on my page!
    And we all traded dresses and wore them again in college, and no one cared!
    ps Definitely hot moms at the reunion!

  2. Those were some awesome prom dresses!

  3. Those are some seriously great dresses. I'm impressed too, that you managed to wear the dress two years in a row. I did that with a Homecoming dress, and the second year a totally b*tchy girl said to me, "isn't that the dress you wore last year?" Nice.

    Did you find the linky? I haven't gone through all the links yet, but I wanted to be sure you realized it's at the bottom of the first prom post on my home page. Don't want others to miss out on your great story. Thanks for playing along!

    I love, by the way, the photocopied invitation. As classy as our prom. And this aside (younger readers...it is like texting only you write in full sentences on an actual piece of paper) had me laughing aloud.

  4. Wow...you two were really rockin' the fashions. Totally Rad.

    On a related note...have you seen Bossy's post on her son's prom? I was SO impressed by all the girls and how DECENT they all looked. It was refreshing! :0)

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  6. What happened to my earlier comment? Did you delete me after you outed me? ;-)

  7. Karen- sad thing is, I can't find any pics from my senior prom--wonder if my mom accidentally threw them away.

    aimeepalooza- yes, we thought we were awesome, FOR SURE!!! We also loved watching Valley Girl!

    mommytime- thanks for the fun idea! It got me off my seat and down to the basement. I found a ton of really great memories there!

    amomtwoboys- I'll go check it out. Have you seen Headlessmom's pics from her daughter's prom, even headless she is the most incredible young lady!

    alan- nice try at some spam, you'll be deleted.

    headless- I've been dying for you to comment!! Never saw the first post...do it again!!!!

  8. Oh my goodness where do I begin! First of all, the note from your date is darling. I remember that I LOVED writing notes in jr. high and high school and now we have texting it just isn't the same....I love the hoop in your dress it's very Little Bo Peep meets Madonna ( the gloves ) and the fact that you went in a conversion van has me cracking up! My parents hated men that drove vans!
    As far as prom goes today - they need a new reality show for these kids. Kinda along the lines of Bridezillas! Promzillas!
    You are a hot Mom my friend!

  9. Fun post! And it's sweet that you kept the note. :)

  10. Oh. My. Starsandgarters.......

    Cuh-lassy, classy girls!

    Gotta' love the eighties!!!

    So fun to see FACES. Hellooooo?

    (I should talk, right??)

  11. ummm, can any one tell me how to delete a comment...he he I can't figure it out!

  12. this is such a great post. especially the part you included explaining what "notes" were back in the day... I tell ya, i'm only 23 and I still wrote notes in high school... seriously makes me feel prematurely old!

  13. I love it! Ah to pass notes again. And that dress is classic!

  14. Wait!? You're telling me that kids don't pass notes anymore? Oh man...I must be old...sigh. Don't forget the whole, "teens go out for expensive dinner and then tip like crap" part. My husband is a server and hates prom season because he will get $1.00 off of a $100.00 check.

  15. That post would not have been complete without the picture of the Gone With the Wind prom dress!!!


    Thanks for coming by to play POW!

  16. Omg, everything about this is so funny. I love the handwritten note (and the fact that you saved it). Weren't notes the best? Isn't it sad that this generation won't really experience the fun of passing notes with all their texting and whatnot. Those were some classic prom dresses! The white one reminds me of Hope (Bo and Hope) wedding dress on Days of our Lives.