Saturday, June 21, 2008

Belly Button Butter

Is it just me or does the mere mention of "belly button" give you a weird feeling in your stomach? I walked into my son's room last night to find him digging (and DEEP I might add) into his belly button. I know what he was searching for as we have been at this before. There is a blackish thing in there, deep, deep in there. He and I have gone on a belly button excavation once before because I was HORRIFIED to see that there was some sort of dirt ball in there. We had alcohol, qtips, even tweezers at one point. That little dirt ball was elusive and I felt so sick to my stomach I couldn't take much more than a minute or two. I ended up convinced that it was actually attached to him and might be something we shouldn't screw around with.

I could tell by the look on his face that he was determined to not only get it out but to find out what it was. Being as curious as he was a good mother I went and got some q-tips and the two of us got that sucker outta there! I kept thinking of when I was pregnant and the sheer joy I got out of being able to clean my own belly button. Poor kid, he's never going to get the chance to clean that thing properly, unless he buys this belly button brush.

In my search for a cute belly button picture I came across this... too gross, but it made me laugh!


  1. YUP! Seriously gross! Comical, but gross! - All I can say is at least it wasn't pierced too! OUCH!

    You never said what it was you FOUND in that belly button! LOL

  2. Steph- OK, I thought it would be a little inappropriate (as if that picture of the monkey isn't) to post a picture of what we got. It was a little thing that looked like a little dirt ball. My son said it was hard. I didn't want to touch it, but I saved it so my husband could see it. I'm assumming it was just that, a ball of dirt. yuk!

  3. EEEWWW! :) Just kidding. I'm just glad to hear it wasn't a dead bug! LOL :)

    I never have anything in mine..but somehow Hubby get's LINT balls...

    Is it a guy thing? LOL