Tuesday, June 24, 2008

5 simple steps to tooth extraction!

It happened AGAIN! This time with the OTHER front tooth. I thought I was ready, but, no. The pictures tell it all!

This is sheer terror at the thought of ME pulling that tooth out.
( This is after failed attempt #2)

So, we make a phone call to the neighborhood tooth pulling expert who tells us to come on over as HER mom (the original tooth pulling expert is here visiting and is available for a 9pm tooth extraction)

Do you see the sheer relief on Miss Thing's face?

It's as if she senses she is in the presence of a competent tooth extractionist.

STEP 1: Fold up some paper towel into strips and have child hold it tight.

Step 2: (take before picture) Get dental floss and toothpick ready.

Make a loop with the floss, then put the ends of the floss through the loop making a little lasso for the loose tooth. Use the toothpick to gently push the floss up to the gum line, pull the lasso tight.

Step 3: Tell child you are going to count 1-2 and then you want the child to say "go" and pull straight down (if it is a top tooth) and up or out if it is a bottom tooth.

Step 4: Have child bite on the paper towel (this stops the bleeding REALLY fast)

Step 5: Take after picture and thank the tooth pulling guru for her time!


  1. Oh my goodness! How easy was that? I'm so impressed with the Tooth Extraction Guru! Wish I had her around when BabyAm was loosing teeth!

    I do love her face when she thought you might try again...poor girl!

    You're a great mom!

  2. Eek. I'm NOT looking forward to that stage in life. In my old age I've become squeamish and just IMAGINING it while reading this post make me nervous.


  3. I ditto what the previous commenter said!!! Reading that gave me the chills! I am such a wimp when it comes to blood.

  4. OK, just to let everyone know, that technique TOTALLY works!! I have a friend whose 12 year old daughter had a MOLAR (mother of all teeth) that was loose, I used these steps and actually pulled a tooth!! It was fantastic, it worked like a charm and soon enough, I will be the neighborhood tooth expert! After seriously dry heaving at just wiggling a loose tooth!!!