Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kinda Like Herding Cats

Today was Miss Thing's Birthday Party. I love a theme and so we decided on a Fancy Nancy Party. I had a ball planning it and I think the cats girls enjoyed themselves too. I had two fantabulous older girls here as my Fancy Helpers and they were a hit. (I'll take a cut of any babysitting/party helper gigs they get out of it!) So here is how it all went down...

1. Arrive and stick on the name tag (all pre-printed to say "Bonjour, My Name is_____") this was going just swell until Ms. Did Not RSVP showed up and put a kink in my well oiled machine.
2. Big girls read Fancy Nancy to the little girls and then birthday girl demonstrated the proper posture and fancy hand wave (banana on head to be sure to look silly and drive the message home)

3. Cookies with a hole for the pinkie and pink lemonade to drink. This was hard for those little hands but meant to teach them how to drink with their pinkie's in the air.

4. Next, hair and nail stations for purple fuchsia (fuchsia is the new black according to Fancy Nancy) nail polish and glittery hair clips.
5. Pony painting station. Completely unrelated to Fancy Nancy, but one can only hold on to a theme for so long.
6. Fancy food....if you call cheese, crackers, strawberries and grapes fancy then right on!

7. Parfaits (ice cream sundaes for you commoners)
8. Loot Presents...kind of mosh pit style with them all crowded on top of one another to oogle the gifts.
9. Cake (dose them up on sugar and send them home!!!)

10. Bye bye!! Out the door and that, my dears, is a theme party to write home about!


  1. I know a few Mr. Did Not RSVP's-suppose they're related?

    Sounds like a perfectly lovely afternoon!

    Oh, and now I have confirmation that you are one of THOSE parents-they sugar them up- 3 times!- and send them home. Good for you!

  2. Awesome! I wish I was invited! Can you do a post on non-RSVPers of the world please? I'm sure you could make it funny and acidic and drive the point home.
    You are a great writer, you b*tch.