Thursday, March 12, 2009

Winter sports with a Coach from California

So, Miss Thing started "spring" soccer.  Even though we are March it really can't be considered Spring yet with all the snowfall we are "hopefully" still going to get.  Well, her coach just moved to Colorado from San Diego...she thinks it's real cold here.  I guess compared to San Diego it is cold here, but , um it is Colorado and this is one of the most mild winters we've had in a long time!  So, when it comes time to practice the outdoor sport of soccer, it might be a bit nippy or even a little COLD.  The first game is this Saturday, but seeing as practice on Monday was cut short because it was cold (and I will grant her that one, it was cold and Miss Thing was in shorts).  Come today, Wednesday, sunny day, nip in the air, nip, not nipples,  I get a phone call that practice is canceled because "it is cold out and the girls were crabby on Monday when it was cold." 
cold vs warm

I started off on a really good foot with Coach Warm Weather when I was trying to make conversation with her before practice started.  She was counting the girls and wondering who she was missing.  I said, "Miss Thing said there was a girl at last practice who didn't really want to play, is she here yet?"  "Yes, she's here, that would be MY daughter."  So, mom doesn't want to play soccer because it is too cold and her daughter doesn't want to play soccer because she prefers dance and gymnastics.  Should be an interesting season.
 I hope we don't have to deal with this all season---->

pouty vs  sassy

Good news it is supposed to be 56 degrees on Saturday!  That's a nice warm day for soccer and even some mid-field gymnastics!

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