Monday, March 9, 2009

Life is swirling by!

You know what? I miss my posts too. I have every intention of posting about life and my babies growing up. The funny things that happen on a daily basis around here, the not so funny stuff that we ALL go through, and that damn annoying Tatiana on American Idol. whips by and my oldest baby is now caught up in Air Soft Guns and wearing the same size shoe as me. Miss Thing is wearing dangly earrings!! And Tatiana is gone from American Idol, but she sure was a poor sport and an embarrassment the way she carried on when she lost. Oh, wait, now let me UPDATE because as of last night SHE'S BACK with her pouty crybaby attitude! Now we have the whole shake up on The Bachelor!

Life is swirling away from me, the kids are growing so fast. They won't listen when I tell them to stop growing. Miss Thing got her ears pierced for Christmas and marched off to school today in her FIRST dangly earrings. They have monkeys on them but I could about barf thinking of the earrings she'll soon be wearing. She had the father/daughter dance this past weekend. It seems like just yesterday when I was posting the pictures from LAST YEAR'S dance!


Oh, I make promises about keeping up on the blog, staying in touch, writing everyday...then Facebook happened and has me catching up with old friends from High School and College. Now I'm pulling away from its grasp and realizing that lots of people have a very LOOSE definition of the word "friend". So I have been deleting "friends" from my Facebook page and longing for the blog-old-days when I could write what I wanted and only a handful of peeps knew me IRL. At some point I thought it was GREAT to hook my blog to my Facebook page thinking it would increase the traffic to my blog. Now I test out my blog posts to be sure that I really DID delete that application. I don't need Facebook knowing EVERYTHING about me. That boyfriend from High School, does he really need to know everything? How about that neighbor who has yet to upload a picture, I am very hesitant about lurkers on Facebook. At least on a blog you KNOW you are going to have lurkers. Time Magazine wrote this about how Facebook is for old people, pretty funny. It's a fine line, this Facebook thing. What do you all think? Are you friends with people you barely know? What do you do with the invite to friend someone you have never heard of? Do any of you have 4000 friends and if so, what do you use FB for? Just curious!

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  1. I question FB on a daily basis. I'm currently catching up on all of my friends from elementary school-here, before I moved there! Really weird.

    HD thinks it's great that Mr. Man took down his page. And good for you to get your list down again.

    Thanks for posting.. When do you go on the trip with the girl?