Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting you toe nails done? Don't ask for an Easter Egg design!

Today the girls and I went to get pedicures before I head out to New Orleans. I mean, who wants to walk down Bourbon street without a fresh manicure right?** I took my daughter along as she is thrilled to play in the chair, drop and SPILL her entire bottle of toe nail polish on the floor, and stare at the women when they are speaking...umm, what is it that they speak? I call it RUDE, but I don't think that is a language. Ayhoo... the little girls decide they want Easter Egg designs on their toes instead of the standard flower. Our first clue should have been when they all began speaking in "Rude".

I imagine the conversation might have gone something like this:

Lady #1: "Easter Egg? Why not flower?"
Lady #2: "What IS an Easter Egg?"
Lady #3: "It is an egg with dots."
Lady #1: "Oh...why not flower with sparkle?"
Lady #2: giggles, "I'm going to make mine ugly so she asks for flower next time."
Lady #1: "Ok, me too."

**(Actually, word to the wise, buy some cheap shoes to wear on Bourbon Street. Make sure they are not flip flops or open toed since you can find EVERY possible FUNK and bodily fluid, bodily SOLID for that matter, on Bourbon Street!)

I wonder what other designs we shouldn't ask for?


  1. Have a blast, Kel. I'll be thinking of you!

  2. I've been in that shop!!!!!!! Regularly!