Thursday, January 8, 2009

And then there was LIGHT!

photo by Compmouse

Have you all heard of Flock?  It is super slick if you like social media, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, blogging, sharing, Digg, Flickr and you want things right at your finger tips.  I tell you, if you are a blogger you MUST check this out.  I don't have the hang of it just yet, but I've watched a few of the how to vids and I am seeing the vast possibilities!

So, can you tell from the picture that I am typing to you all tonight in a fully lit office?  It is almost throwing me off since I am used to a swanky dark office this time of night. No one died in the making of this brightly lit office space.  No wine was ingested to get er done and my hunky fireman is happily watching some well deserved TV as a result.

 I hope it will shine some inspiration to get this place cleaned up.  My mother made me pile everything that was on my desk into one BIG pile and now I am to go through the pile one item at a time.  It's killing me, but I am going to feel like a new person when it is done!

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