Monday, September 1, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday- Labor Day Edition

Happy Labor Day!  Please take a moment and send your prayers and well wishes to the Gulf Coast and tell Gustov that he is an unwelcome visitor on this day of BBQ, picnics and respite from the work week!

Our WOM today pays homage to the Gulf as this company is based in Baton Rouge and is currently holding down the fort.  For 15 years, Slumber Parties has been educating and empowering women around sexual health.  They were ranked by Inc 5000 two years in a row as one of the fastest growing privately held companies. If you have never been to one of these women ONLY home shows, put your pre-conceived ideas aside.  As much as the men in your life might try to convince you, there are NO pillow fights in lingerie happening at these parties.  Just adult women getting together over a glass (or 3) of wine, giggling and laughing about sex and in the mean time getting educated about spicing up the bedroom.  Every.single.woman wants to be good in bed or better in bed or at least in the mood every now and again.  I don't know anyone who likes to get her lubricant at the Walgreens with her daughter's soccer coach in line behind her, better yet, who wants to step foot into a for such things?  Even Katie Couric wondered why she hadn't been invited to one yet!

Every woman deserves a satisfying sex life and no matter how HOT you think yours is, there are always fun ways to make it more exciting.  Keep the butterflies in YOUR bedroom is what I say.  The best part of the Slumber Parties (BTW, this is NOT a sleep over) are that women get to take HOME their products the night of the party! SAWEET!!!

So, now it is YOUR turn (hi Steph, my loyal WOM'er).  Review a product or service on your blog or simply post about it in the comments.  Then come back here and link to your post in Mr. Linky.


  1. Ok Kel - shouldn't your mom be posting a WOM Monday too? (*Come on Kelly's Mom, we need you) :)

    I'll sometimes be late, but I'll keep trying to do it. I have some great notes written down, but I keep forgetting!

    I have to quit reading! I finished another stupid book this morning at 3am. Something has gotta give!

    Love ya hon!

  2. Tiff over at stuck in the sticks is in the middle of all this gustov mess...we will be keeping the entire area in our thoughts and prayers

    and aren't you just the naughty girl(ina good way)....i may just have to sign up to host a sleep-over when i get daddy all taken care of...

  3. Hey Folks-Kelly knows of what she speaks. SP is a great company and their products are amazing.


    Sorry to Kelly and Steph. I am barely alive today and am not writing a WOM post this week. I am so very tired after my weekend. See ya next week, Peeps!

  4. Loreal for Kids Swim & Sport Shampoo
    No Dust, No Dirt! No Tears! No Chlorine Smell!
    Splash of Sunny Orange, For Active Kids
    Ooooh I love the way it makes my stinky 6 year old boy smell so fresh and clean! You know the way kids can smell after playing outside, swimming, sweating, piling dirt on themselves? This stuff is awesome to take the funk away! Widely available!

    Is this where I am supposed to post this? I am slow, so how do I do "Mr. Linky"? And what about my cute picture of this product?

  5. Marne- you did a GREAT job posting it! You can only use mr. linky if you have a blog (hint hint!) then your super cute pic would be in there too!
    Thanks for participating and I will be trying that on my skinky 9 year old boy!