Monday, August 18, 2008

Word of Mouth Monday

OK, so I am STILL trying to figure out my HTML problems on this blog. My comments are all jacked up (as some of you have noticed) and I am about to scrap the whole thing, move to wordpress and try to transfer everything there. Any suggestions?

So my Word of Mouth for today is this really cool site that emails you press leads. If you are not looking for any sort of press this will not interest you in the least. Reporters often send out requests for certain stories they are working on. You never know, you MIGHT just have the information, life experiences or business they are looking for!'s FREE!!! Check it out and if you know any reporters or press junkies forward it on to them! It is called Help a Reporter Out and here is the link-a-roo . If you are a writer/reporter here is a link for you and your requests. I'll post some of the requests here when I get some that might pertain to my readers I mean reader Aunt Sheri!

Now, let's see what YOU have for WOMM!!

EDIT: The links are now working!!!! Sorry about that


  1. Kelly - I didn't post a WOM yesterday, it was so late when you got Mr. Linky up...but I'm going to continue doing it, so PLEASE don't give up on it! I have a list now of a couple things I want to do...and I was looking tonight for an older post that I could have used...but NOOOOOO I couldn't find it. DANG! I'll also try and "build you up" for WOM Monday this you have a better participation...k? :) NO worries!!!

    PS...if there is anything I can do to help, holler. and don't switch to wordpress until you visit with me first, ok?