Friday, May 30, 2008

Did you notice???

My blog had a makeover and I just LOVE it! Shauna is pure genius with her creative ability. Seriously, even if you think your blog is the cat's meow, head over and check out these incredible designs!! Before you tell yourself you can't afford it, justify spending the money...blah blah blah...go, I said go.

The blog makeover is like a brand new outfit! I feel sassy, I feel confident, I feel happy and it was the best money I've spent all week, minus my lunch at Pei Wei today! Oh, and it doesn't make my butt look big or show any kind of muffin top (unless that is what you want, Shauna can do anything you like!) Oh, and she is SUPER quick, but she is getting VERY in demand so if you want your sassy new makeover you better get on over there quick. Oh, and let her know I sent you, not because I get anything, but because I want her to know she rocks!!!


  1. You suck, er, I mean rock! And Shauna's designs are way cool! I'm planning getting new digs very soon!

    And to all you lurkers out there- that is my armpit in Kelly's awesome picture. Aren't you glad you know?

  2. Now that I read this again I see that I wasn't very clear-I DO love the new digs!

  3. Well shoot! I don't know what it used to look like, but it looks great now! :0)

    And I've always wondered what Headless Mom's armpit looked I know! yay!

  4. Your design is gorgeous!

    (I didn't see the before, but the after is great)

  5. looks faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous!

  6. I love the design, of course I just found you through your post on my new blog!

    So far me likey what I've read . . . I will definitely be back to visit! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog -did you happen to get to me through McMommy's blog? Here's the part where mommy needs to learn - how do we find out all the ways people have gotten to our blogs? I was floored when I woke up this morning to 6 comments on the blog I JUST started working on yesterday!!!!!