Monday, March 9, 2009

Every where I look someone is stimulating this economy!

I'm one of those people who doesn't watch the news. It drives my mother crazy. She'll call and say, "Did you hear about _____________ ?" (fill in with some news story that is sad, bad, negative, pessimistic, horrifying) then I say, "Nope, don't watch the news." She used to go on with the story unless I cut her off with, "If it is tragic I don't want to hear about it." You can imagine how it is killing her that I don't know how far the Dow Jones dropped or the latest snafu in Washington?

I didn't watch Obama's first address to the American People was too doom and gloom for me. I want some optimism, some hope, some solutions. Those of us who are entrepreneurs and aren't getting a bail out any time soon know that it is up to US to keep our economy afloat. If everyone is sitting home terrified about the recession, watching the bad news go by, how on earth will that help this ecomomy? If our leaders stood up there and said, "This economic crisis will be over by the end of the year." If they actually knew their plan, and not just borrowing more and creating MORE of a mess for our children and grandchildren, and communicated it with enthusiasm and optimism...chances are the American People would get out there with their money to stimulate the economy. I'm no economist (what was your first clue?), but I do have my own business, and I KNOW that people ARE spending money.

So, let's post about our favorite brands and where we spent money this past month. Did you notice others buying while you were there?

First, my favorite place to eat right now is Red Robin, YUM! My mother and I went there last week for lunch any holy cow the place was PACKED. Clearly people are still eating out. Either that or Red Robin has a corner on the market. Here is a link for a $3 off coupon at Red Robin, join the eclub and they will email you the coupon and also get a free burger on your birthday.

I LOVE these jeans/slacks from White House Black Market!!!
here's what I look like in them

Next is White House Black Market. Ohhhh I love me some white and black clothing!! The pants are from there. They can be pricey, but their sale rack is awesome!! Think you can't live without these? You can get $20 off with this coupon code!

Those are it for me right now, what floats your economic stimulus boat? Post a link to your blogpost in the comments or just comment on your favorite brands.

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